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Syuho was born on October 26, 1995, with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and a serious heart defect. Syuho's pictures are presented to you by her mother, Yoshimi.

One month old. Syuho was born 10/26/95, seven weeks early. Her birth weight was 1718 grams. She is bilateral cleft lip and palate and also has a serious heart defect. Because of her heart condition, she lost some weight. She was 1625 grams at this time.

8 months old, just before the open heart surgery.
She looked very healthy but, at this time, she stopped gaining.
Mom always taped her lip together.

15 months old with mom. A month after lip repair.

2 years old. A month after palate repair.

Syuho with her boy friend Michitaka (bilateral cleft lip and palate).
He is our neighbor and her best friend!

2 years old.

She likes going out with mom and dad. She is so cute, isn't she!

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