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Tanner was born on June 10, 1997 with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. This page is shared with you by Tanner's mother Pam.

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Tanner was born on June 10, 1997 (Mommy's birthday). He weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. and was 18 inches long. We were shocked to learn of his cleft, but happy to have a healthy new little boy to love.

Tanner at 3 days old with big brother Brady, 18 months old.

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Brady checks out his little brother. You can really see the band-aid appliance that he wore to pull back his premaxilla until his lip repair.

Tanner at 2 months

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Tanner flashes a big "wide smile" for the camera. We think he looks like Daddy.

One of my favorite pictures of my little guy. This was taken about a week before his lip repair surgery in September 1997 at 3 months of age.

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Tanner's 3 month picture.

tanner08.jpg (7029 bytes)This picture was taken just moments before surgery. Tanner sleeps soundly, blissfully unaware.

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