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Tiera was born June 13, 1989, with a complete unilateral cleft lip and palate. Tiera has picked her Gallery pictures to show to you herself.

Tiera's newborn picture - June 13, 1989

August 31, 1989 - Tiera giving Daddy a reassuring hug before she goes off to have her lip repaired and the first of four sets of tubes put in her ears.

Two or three days post-op, with lip still taped and arm restraints.
"Boy I love the free movement with these things on (NOT!)."

October 1989...

...approximately two months post-op and back to my old self.

Three and a half months old, September 1989

October 4, 1990 - Here we go again! Tiera going in for her soft palate repair and set #2 of tubes for the ears.
"Maybe I can fool them into doing surgery on Tigger instead of me."

Summer of 1993 - growing up happy and full of "widesmiles".

Tiera doing her favorite thing... playing soccer.

Here is Tiera...

...and the whole team!

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