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Travis was born on September 22, 1993, with a complete bilateral cleft lip and palate, microdactyly and syndactyly on both hands (webbing and short fingers), and a notch in the left eyebrow. His left eye is bigger than his right. Travis was adopted from Korea on February 14, 1996. Travis's pictures are presented to you by his parents, Dave and Deb.

In Korea before surgery (this is taken from a photocopy.)
Travis had surgery done in Korea to repair his cleft lip and palate on May 10, 1994.

In Korea after his surgery. His lip looks good.

In Korea. Check out his right hand before any surgery. Two fingers on his left hand are webbed.

This picture was taken on March 28, 1996, just following his first surgery with Mom and Dad. This surgery involved palate repair, tubes in his ears, unwebbed fingers on both hands, and grafts on the middle finger of his right hand. They also pushed up the tip of his nose. We had to cut off Mom's shirt.

This picture, taken shortly after Travis arrived, shows how his left eyebrow looked before surgery.

A year later with his new eyebrow.
He changed so much in a year!

Easter following the first surgery in 1996. So handsome. Look at how he spreads those fingers!

Another surgery, July 23, 1996. More work on his palate, graphs on other fingers of his right hand, and a tube in his left tear duct.

Dave, Travis, and Deb at Travis' first American birthday party. He's 3. A perfect day at the Park.

I love those dimples! Don't his fingers look great?
Travis had a lot of fun with our litter.

Travis' next surgery is scheduled for June 9, 1997, to remove the tube from his tear duct, do a pharyngeal flap, finish closure on his hard palate, fill in the notch in his eyebrow, and possibly do more work on his fingers (unsure at this time).

Travis with Auntie Marti

Travis, 4-1/2, with his kitty, Chessie

Travis was a ring bearer in his cousin's wedding.

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