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Trevor and Hunter

Trevor and Hunter are fraternal twins. Trevor was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. Their pictures are presented to you by their mother and father, Edyie and Andrew.

Hunter and Trevor were born on March 8, 1997. Here is a picture of them at 12 weeks of age.

The whole family- Hunter, Trevor, Edyie (Mom), and Andrew (Dad).

This is my favorite pic of Trevor's W I D E smile!!

Mom and Trevor just before surgery. Trevor was charming all of the doctors and nurses.

This is the pic of Trevor just out of surgery.

He is one unhappy guy, but what a trooper!!

Here is one happy boy! Testing out his new smile....

Here is a nice close up of the new smile!

Trevor without his stitches, about eight days post surgery, what a happy boy!

The "no-no's" (arm restraints) from Pediwrap. This is also without the stitches.

Hunter and Trevor together. 5 months old.
They are probably thinking "Mom, enough with the pictures already!"

Here are Hunter and Trevor visiting with another friend from the Cleft Talk list, Erika. Her mommy is Charlotte.

Trevor and Erika playing together. What a fun visit!

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