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These pictures are presented to you by Trevor's parents, Rob and Kim. Trevor was born on July 28, 2000 with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. We learned that he had a cleft lip via ultrasound when I was 20 weeks into my pregnancy, and a cleft palate was confirmed on a 3-D ultrasound 8 weeks later.

3-D ultrasound image taken at 28 weeks into my pregnancy.

Oooh! Is he mad! He absolutely hated wearing beanies!
Taken at 4 weeks old.

Also at 4 weeks old. Trevor with his favorite teddy bear.

These pictures were taken at 7 weeks old. What a cutie!


Post-lip repair at 3 months old with his doctor. Trev's such a champ! He handled the surgery much better than we did!



Trevor with Mommie and Daddy at 5 months old. Okay, so how cute is little Santa?!

Post-palate repair at 7 months old. Trevor's palate cleft was so wide, the initial repair did not close all the way. He underwent a 2nd palate repair in June.

Trevor 2 months after his second palate repair. He's walking now! ARGH!

Our baby's a little boy already! Isn't he a cutie?


Trevor's palate did not fuse together completely with the 2nd repair. He may need to have a tongue flap -  where a piece of tongue is cut away and connected to his palate, left attached to both the palate and tongue for a couple of weeks. This provides living cells to assist in the fusion, then once fused, the tongue flap is cut away from the tongue.

Possible tongue flap, soft palate repair and nose revisions aren't expected until Trevor is 4 years old. We hope Trevor's story and pictures will be helpful to new parents of cleft-affected babies as other children's pages have helped us tremendously.


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