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Trevor Warren

Trevor Warren was born on August 10, 2000 with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. Trevor's pictures are presented to you by his parents, Jim and Melissa.

Our Family, with Grandma and Gee Gee (photo taken November, 2000). Trevor was almost 3 months old in this photo.

This photo was taken just a few hours after Trevor was born. He came out so fast, the amniotic fluid didn't get squeezed out of his lungs enough. They had to monitor his respirations on the isolet for 2 days, as they were too fast.

This is a great shot of his cleft. It was very wide. Taken at 1 day old, August 11, 2000.

Here's the brothers! Taken October, 2000: Gunnar 22 months; Trevor 2 months

This was taken moments before they took him back to have his first surgery. Doesn't he look cute in his hospital gown? This was the lip adhesion surgery, November 14, 2000.

This photo was taken moments after Trevor returned from surgery. His face was very swollen and a little bruised. November 14, 2000.

This was the next morning after his first surgery. We were able to remove the tape from his lip, and see his new smile for the first time. Talk about an emotional time! His face is still very swollen. November 15, 2000.

This is one of my favorites with our little guy. He is just so cute! Taken December 8th; Trevor was almost 4 months here.

One month post-op. Trevor looks great! If he never had to have another surgery, we would be happy. He looks wonderful. December 14, 2000 - 4 months old.


This one was taken January 22, 2001. Trevor is 5 months old here, and just the light of our lives. He is such a happy baby, and a little piggy too! He loves to have fun by playing with his toes and of course his favorite toys, such as this one.

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