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Tyler Joseph was born on March 14, 1999 with Pierre Robin Syndrome (cleft  palate - repaired January 2000). Tyler's pictures are presented to you by his parents, Joe and Michelle.

3 days old. I am on the vent and hate it. See how mad I am?!

8 days old. Under the oxy-hood & I don't like this any better!

Twenty days old. After tongue-lip adhesion surgery, being held by Dad.

3 weeks old. Nasal cannula before blood transfusions. I hate this tape on my face!

Tyler at 4 weeks old. Just after trach surgery.

6 weeks old. Finally home. I love my cow!

Tyler is 2 months old...very tired!

6 months old. Happy in his walker!


12 months old! Very cute, even if I'm not smiling for the camera.

14 months old - I just love this big Sylvester and look how much curlier my hair has gotten!

Easter 2002, Tyler is 3 years old.


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