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This page is shared with you by Allie, Zachary's mother.

Zachary was born with Pierre Robin, which means his lip is intact but his palate is cleft.

Zachary at three months old.

3 month old Zachary.


At 6 months, Zachary's jaw has grown and so has his smile!

The whole family- Zachary, Mike, and Allie.

Zachary at 7 months.

Click here to see Zachary goes to palate surgery.

After his palate surgery and recovery, here is Zachary at 1 year.

In a formal portrait....

...and another not quite so formal portrait, on his first birthday, October 5, 1996. As you can see, his palate worked just fine for eating birthday cake!

October 31, 1996, 13 months old

Getting ready for Halloween!

Later that night, going out trick-or-treating with daddy Mike.

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