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Zachary William

Zachary was born on May 19, 1997, with Pierre Robin Sequence, including a cleft palate (no gum or lip involvement). His pictures are presented by his mother and father, Elaine and Bill.

Zachary in the hospital, just minutes old. His recessed chin (common with PRS) caused his tongue to fall back and block his airway, which necessitated the oral airway.

Mommy and Nana Sue just after feeding Zach for the first time.
Zach now has a "nasal trumpet" to help with breathing.

Spending time snoozing with Grandma and Aunt Ellen. Zach is 2-1/2 months old here, just a day after his NG tube was placed; he still has his "trumpet".

"Me and my favorite daddy!
This is where I get my good looks from!"

"Look at me, no `tubies'!"

Zach at 3 months old doesn't need any more help to breathe!
He is also a pro now at taking out his NG.

"This is my best friend Keely...

...and this is my cleft."

Zach loved his first Halloween, but found out that pumpkin guts aren't very tasty! He is 5 months old here and has made much progress.

Our baby at 7 months old. So gentle, lovable, and personable.
He'll grab your heart and won't let go.

"I'll be back with more pictures of myself after my palate repair surgery scheduled for 2/25/98...

...Bye Bye!"

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