Lippy the Lion's Travel Guide

Lippy all geared upHi! I'm Lippy the Lion! I will be traveling around the world to see all my new friends. I can only stay two weeks at each stop, because I have lots of places to go. I need to stick to my itinerary, and it will be hard if I stay for too long in one place. In some cases, I need to be in a place by a certain time, so please help me get there in time!

I travel light, since there's not much room in my travel box. I take my hospital gown, no-nos, MJ bottle, a journal, and a photo album with me where ever I go. If you want me to deliver a gift to my next stop, I'd be happy to, but I really have no room for souvenirs. That's why I have a journal and photo album. Please add pictures of my stay with you, and write in my journal all the cool things we did while I was there. That's all the souvenir I need.

I love traveling UPS air to my destinations. UPS can find me at any point in my journey, and I know I won't get lost. If for some reason can't get to the UPS station, please make sure I go by air, and they can track me! One other thing - I get sea-sick, so please don't send me on a boat. It takes too long to get where I need to be, and the mess is awful!

Every once in a while, I need to go home. I just need to check in and let them know I'm okay. 

I just know we'll have a good time, and we'll have lots of memories to share. I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Lippy the Lion

A note to parents:  In order to make this enjoyable for all, we need to keep track of Lippy. Please let us know when Lippy arrives, and when you will be sending him to his next destination. Please provide the tracking number so we can tell the next child when to expect Lippy. Lippy is rather fond of his box, so please let us know if it's getting a little shabby. Also, we would like to update Lippy's web page after each visit. Please send (if you can) copies of the journal entries and pictures to Lippy's email, so we can keep his page current. All questions or information about Lippy's journey may be sent to Thank you!

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