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Resources and References

Online and offline groups, reference books, videos, creating support groups, ordering Arm Restraints, Nipples, Bottles and more.

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Adoption, Wide Smiles Writers Guidelines, Friends of Wide Smiles, Bottle Share Program, Getting rid of Headaches.

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Explaining email symbols and abbreviations, Finding Software, Using IRC - Chats, Free Email, Cleft-Talk Commands

  • Products To Help Parents

    Wide Smiles T-Shirts

    We sell T-shirts in Pink, Blue and Yellow, in sizes from small children's to X-Large adults. They come with the the WS logo (smiley with a cleft) and a slogan that says,

    • "Wide Smiles make Happy Faces."

    and something about the magazine.

    The T-shirts sell for $10 for kids and $12 for adults. I also have a few hand-painted size 2 shirts available for $10.

    Children's Books
    We have two children's books available.
    The first is:

    • How Different is Anthony?
      In this book, Anthony is introduced as a cleft-affected child and then the question is posed, "Does this make Anthony very different from other kids?" Then we go into page after page of things that are universal among children - including Anthony. The conclusion at the end is that Anthony is not really very different from other kids at all.

      Anthony Visits his Cleft Palate Team
      walks Anthony through his cleft team visit. We meet his various doctors and medical professionals and learn what their job is on the team. This book is designed to help prepare young children for team visits. It is available in colorbook form to clinics and teams in packets of 25 each for $50.

    Each of the children's books are black and white and spiral-bound. They sell for $5.95 each plus $1.50 s/h.

    Partners in Care: Booklet for Day Care Providers
    Soon to be released will be our packets for daycare providers. The packet will include 5 copies of the pamphlet, Partners in Care, which is to be given to anyone who is watching your cleft-affected child, plus a letter to parents. We are just waiting on our artwork and this new resource will be ready to be distributed. The cost for each packet will be $8. That includes postage and handling.

    Orders Can be Sent to:
    PO Box 5153
    Stockton, CA 95205-0153


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