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The aim here is to give you an outline of Pierre Robin Sequence, some of the situations you may encounter and some direction in preraring questions to ask your child's medical team.

This guide will not tell you all you need to know. Pierre Robin problems are not the same for all children and some of the information here may not be relevant to you.

More information can be sought by following the links provided or, for more technically specific information, by accessing the medical journal articles listed in the reference pages.

These pages are dedicated to my nephew Evan (pictured), born with Pierre Robin Sequence. With so little information easily available, a search through the medical literature was essential and has subsequently progressed to the development of this guide.

Michelle Cruse.


What is Pierre Robin Sequence?
Airway Management
Feeding Your Baby
Other Things That May Crop Up
Palate Repair Surgery
On-going Reference List A-K and L-Z
Personal Stories
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Author: Michelle Cruse, R.N., B.Nurs., M.C.N.(N.S.W.).

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