Tessier Facial Clefts

Tessier clefts are rare, occurring between 1 and 5 per 100,000 births.  (Longaker et al 1997, p 1501). The Tessier 4 cleft is also rare; fewer than   50 cases have been reported in the medical journals. (Longaker, 1997, p 1501) (Akoz et al, 1996, p 252).

The French surgeon, Dr. Paul Tessier, who proposed this numerical  designation, established that "Clefts occur in well-defined places."  (Tessier, 1976, p 70) and went on to define clefting lines. (Insert diagram of clefting lines). His work brings a descriptive order to complex facial clefting and is a simple way of describing the position and extent of the cleft.

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